Partner Operations

Ghana - Accra

M&C Logistics and Trading

M&C Logistics and Trading is the leading Gold Trader and Exporter in Ghana, licensed by the Minerals Commission of Ghana. The license puts M&C Logistics and Trading in the great position to get regular supply of Gold. Eners Precious Metals LLC, however as a Gold Dealer and its relationship with M&C Logistics and Trading, creates a secured platform that enables clients and dealers in the USA to have a reliable and transparent access to the supply of Gold and other Precious Minerals.

M&C Gold and Precious Metals Refinery

Through its Sister Company M&C Gold and Precious Minerals Refinery, Eners Precious Metals provides a direct source of regular and consistent high-quality products. M&C Gold and Precious Metals Refinery produces LBMA Standard Gold and Silver Bullions. With the use of certified modern technologies and techniques, Gold is refined and molded into Cast Bars, Mint Bars and Grains.