About Us

Eners Precious Metals LLC is fulfilling a Global mission for genuine merchandising of Precious Metals and Gems

Impacting the Continents idealistically to enhance our Services, GOLD Trade and Supply.

Eners Precious Metals LLC, a member of M&C Group (Global), is a corporation managing a portfolio for Mineral Trading, Precious Metals Refinery, Management Consultancy, Commodity Trading, General Logistics, Properties and Energy.

M&C Group has offices in Guangzhou and Hong-Kong in China, Sharjah and Dubai in the UAE, Johannesburg in South Africa, Douala in Cameroon, with Headquarters in Accra, Ghana.

M&C Group, growing in leaps has formalized the foundation for the establishment of other Companies including Eners Precious Metals LLC.

Eners Precious Metals LLC is authorized by the Department of Consumer Credit to conduct business as a Precious Metals and Gems Dealer in accordance with the Precious Metals and Gems Dealer Licensing Act 59, authorized by the Oklahoma Department of Precious Metals and Gems.

The Strategic location of Eners Precious Metals in Oklahoma is to take advantage of the strong pro-business climate, business friendly regulations and taxes, a great supportive legal climate and a growing diversified economy in Aviation, Aerospace, Bioscience, Energy, and Logistics creating an opportunity to give clients and prospects interested in sourcing Gold and other Precious Metals from Ghana, Africa.


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